Admissions – Frequently Asked Questions


Can we apply at any time during the year?
Yes. We have a rolling admissions schedule and accept applications at any time during the year.

Do I need an interview?
All applicants are required to have an interview with one of our admissions counselors. Interviews can be in person or, if necessary, using an internet-based video chat program (such as Skype or WeChat).

Should I visit Cambridge Prep?
We strongly encourage a visit to Cambridge Prep as part of the application process. Contact the Admissions Office to arrange for a visit or student shadowing experience.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Are scholarships available for qualified students?
Cambridge Prep offers a limited amount of need-based financial aid. Scholarships for qualified students may be available from churches and local service organizations such as Rotary, Lions Clubs, and Kiwanis. Contact the Director of Admissions for more information.


Are students with limited English accepted?
We use the TOEFL iBT, other tests of English proficiency, and the interview with the Director of Admissions to help determine the student’s level of English proficiency. Students must have a level of English proficiency corresponding to their grade level and course of study.

What living arrangements are available?
Students have a choice of three living situations while attending Cambridge Prep:
  1. The Cambridge Prep dormitories. All meals are provided along with structured study time and weekend activities. Facilities include single and double occupancy rooms, kitchen area, dining room, laundry room, and recreation rooms. Cambridge Prep dorm staff serve as the student's guardians.
  2. Approved home-stay situation. This is an arrangement where the student experiences American culture by living as a member of an American host family. While Cambridge Prep does not directly arrange home-stay situations, but can provide a referral to an agency that can help with such arrangements. The cost of a home-stay is comparable to the cost of living in the dormitory.
  3. Immediate family. Students may live with parents, grandparents, or an aunt/uncle with a house or apartment in the San Francisco area.
Students are not permitted to live alone or in any situation without consistent adult care and supervision.

Students not residing with their immediate family in the San Francisco area are required to have a guardian. Guardians play a special role in the life of a Cambridge Prep student as they facilitate communication among the student, school, and family and serve as the parents’ legal representative in case of emergency. Someone who travels regularly, lives outside of the San Francisco area, or is not fluent in English and the native language of the family is not a suitable choice as a guardian. The cost for a guardian varies, but is typically about $5,000 per year. For boarding students, Cambridge Prep dorm staff serve as guardians, and the cost of the guardianship is included in the boarding tuition.

Are the dormitories open during vacations such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter?
The dormitories are open during the entire school year except during the three week Christmas holiday. We encourage students to spend holidays with local friends or relatives and may be able to help place students with families for vacations.

If you have other questions, please look through our website, call our Director of Admissions and Marketing, Betta Barbosa, at 415-562-3452 or email