Daily Announcements for Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lunch Duty: This week Alcatraz (Yellow) House has lunch duty. Show up every day to help clean up. The teachers who are supervising are Ms. Palmer and Mr. Smith. The students who are cleaning up are Angelina, Kelly, Annie, Jayden, Jack, Tony, Hok, Keris, Christine, and Mike.
Mike [Mr. Arthur]

School will be closed for Christmas break from Saturday, December 15 through Sunday, January 6! Have a great holiday! [Mr. Cutler]

If you are planning to leave the US during the Christmas Holiday, bring me your current I-20 so I can sign and date under Travel Endorsement. That signature is necessary for you to be able to re-enter the United States. No other document besides your I-20 and passport are needed to re-enter the US.

Please bring me your I-20 by next Friday, December 7 if you are leaving the country. After December 7 you will need to have Mr. Derrick Wong sign the document for you.

Thank you!
Mrs. Betta [Ms. Barbosa]